What Is A Server?

A server is a computer controlled method of sending requests and delivering data online or via a network. Servers are usually configured with extra memory, processing and storage capacity so that they can handle the load coming from various client requests. Read more below to know more about the types of servers.

The common types of servers include web servers, FTP servers, proxy servers and online game servers. You can go online to find more these types of servers. Typically, these servers are computer programs that provide data services to other programs and computers. They are normally used in email and even website services.

They are important in peer-to-peer networking where many computers are connected to a single server where the server manages the requests from each client (computer). The client computers are able to outsource tasks to the servers. These tasks include connecting to the internet, file sharing, sending and receiving of mails etc. This enables the client computers to perform other tasks faster.

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Waiting for iOS 8

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