The Development of Data Center

In the past year, the scale and range of the network expanded, and their applications are also increasing; therefore, people's demand for broadband and processor is increasing. The popularization of the cloud computing makes people have a high demand for efficiency and safety. We can find the traditional "wall'' is not existed with the growth of intelligent devices and the mobile customers are leading the extension. At present, there is no difference between the data demand and network demand. Nowadays, the entire network is a huge data center. Currently, most of the computing ability is belonging to the portable devices which have the intelligent terminal. Data Center Solutions

The third-party of a data center should quicken the establishment of the data center rooms which will be larger and larger. The large-scale data center is helpful to the operation and energy conservation. For example, the SantaClara covers fifty-six thousand square miles in America. This company can save 230 thousand costs by better airflow management. Closing the cooling passage improve the efficiency of radiator system. SantaClara stopped fifteen air-conditioners. The large-scale data center has the advantage to having transformation, and it can save the cost. Facing with the cloud computing, the large data center can provide better service. Data Center Services

Yahoo once built its data likes a chicken house, which can make the cold air enter the room. This mode is very helpful. American department of energy has declaimed that the power consumed by the communication technology and device takes three percent of the entire consumption. This type has improved the utilization rate; meanwhile, it can reduce the pollution and make the American industry more competitive. Using the cold air is one of the methods, which is unstable and immature. Experts maintain that the designer should consider its location and circumstance to define the most suitable solution. Data Center Cooling Systems